Docker Setup

The following information will guide you through a simple configuration scenario for creating your own docker setup. They can be summed up as

  1. create the base image via docker
  2. build the docproc images via docker-compose
  3. run everything via docker-compose


You will need the source distribution of docproc, which you can find at for stable snapshots.

Base Image

The docproc base image contains all docproc applications as well as a nsqd binary to get docproc up and running for testing with the NSQ message queue system.

Create the base image with the following instructions:

$ docker build -t docproc/base .

The base image is now registered in your local docker registry as docproc/base.

Build docproc Images

Create all docproc images with the following instruction:

$ docker-compose build

This creates the following set of docproc images:

  • docproc/fileinput
  • docproc/preproc
  • docproc/renderer
  • docproc/postproc
  • docproc/output

Each image can be run individually. Each image runs a local nsqd server to be used by the individual docproc executable.

Run Everything

All services, including an nsqd, nsqlookupd and nsqadmin instance can be run via:

$ docker-compose up


document ports and directories properly.