This section provides an overview and guidance for installing docproc.

Binary Releases

You can download pre-built binary releases of docproc for different platforms from If your platform is not listed, you can also build docproc from source. Take a look at Building From Source for more details, if necessary.


Unpack the matching distribution package for your operating system and copy the required binaries into the desired target location.

Example for Windows:

> unzip
> cd docproc-0.0.4-windows-amd64
> copy docproc*.exe C:\docproc\bin

Example for Linux:

$ unzip
$ cd docproc-0.0.4-linux-amd64
$ cp docproc*. /usr/local/bin

Set up the configuration files as appropriate and you are good to go.

Building From Source

You can download source snapshots of docproc from Besides the source distribution, you also will need the following tools:

docproc relies on a message queue implementation. It currently supports the following message queues:

Unpack the source snapshot into your GOPATH, run the dep command and build docproc.

On Unix and Linux, unpack docproc-0.0.4.tar.gz into GOPATH, then run

$ cd $GOPATH/
$ make install

This will install the docproc binaries into /usr/local/bin by default. You can change the PREFIX as well as DESTDIR for your own installation scheme.

On Windows, unpack into GOPATH, then run

> cd %GOPATH%/
> make.bat

Those commands will build docproc and put the binaries, documentation and examples into the dist folder. Copy them into the desired locations.