Quick Start

The following steps will run a small docproc content processing pipeline on your local machine and transform simple CSV input into HTML files.

We are using NATS as message queue implementation for your local system. Follow its installation instructions to get it installed.

  1. Start gnatsd in a separate shell:

    $ gnatsd
  2. Create two new directories for in- and output named data and output:

    $ mkdir data
    $ mkdir output
  3. Start docproc.fileinput in a separate shell using the NATS example configuration. docproc.fileinput will watch the directory named data in the current directory:

    $ docproc.fileinput -c examples/docproc-fileinput-natsio.conf
  4. Start docproc.proc in a separate shell using the NATS example configuration. docproc.proc will write processed contents into a directory named output in the current directory:

    $ docproc.proc -c examples/docproc-proc-natsio.conf
  5. Copy the the test records CSV file into the data directory to start content processing:

    $ cp examples/data/testrecords.csv data/testrecords.csv
  6. To verify that everything worked as expected, check the data directory for the now processed testrecords.csv.DONE file and the output directory for a set of new HTML files.

For a more sophisticated setup, take a look at the Docker Setup section.